One Life ...
One Opportunity

The Tim Henman Foundation delivers programmes to better the lives of vulnerable young people and focuses on education and health. We raise young people's aspirations through giving them access to new skills and opportunities, and providing them with the best and most sympathetic learning environment.

Our vision.

One Life ... One Opportunity

The Tim Henman Foundation has developed an outreach programme, a scholarships programme and a hospice programme to better the lives of disadvantaged young people. The Foundation's programmes seek to encourage vulnerable young people to raise their aspirations and make a positive contribution to society.

The THF Scholarships Programme

Working with our approved partner organisations we will fund scholarships. We want vulnerable young people to have the best and most appropriate learning environment and opportunity to enable their talents to thrive.This may necessitate funding full time education.

In the past we have supported:

  • Autism Speaks
  • Right to Play
  • Tennis First
  • Reed's School Foundation

The THF "Make it Happen" Hospice Programme.

The Tim Henman Foundation has partnered with Naomi House and Jack's Place Hospice, near Winchester. The "Make it Happen" Hospice Programme addresses a number of issues from further education to independent living and healthcare. The programme, which we aim to roll out nationally, will support young people who are life-limited and life threatened.


The THF Outreach Programme.

Working with education and charity partners the Foundation is delivering outreach programmes that raise young people's aspirations and self esteem. The programmes focus on Music and the Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and Sport. We are delighted to be working with youth clubs and collaborations of schools in Staffordshire, Surrey, Sussex and Yorkshire.

We have supported.

In the past we have supported: